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Crow Investigates New Webcam at San Francisco 49ers Stadium

A curious crow came to investigate the new webcam at the San Francisco 49ers Stadium. The camera is the 2015 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series webcam at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. Read more... March 4, 2015

Schmoyoho Creates Thundersnow Song Featuring Jim Cantore

Everyone who watches The Weather Channel knows Jim Cantore loves thundersnow. He recently experienced multiple episodes of thundersnow during a blizzard in Boston. Read more... February 28, 2015

Philly Flower Show Inspired by Disney Pixar Films

This year's Philly Flower Show has been inspired by Disney and Disney Pixar films. The annual show runs from Feb 28 to March 8 this year. Read more... February 26, 2015

Little Bird Loves When Owner Makes Coffee

This little bird loves the sound of coffee being made. The bird gets very excited when the owner is mixing the coffee. It loves the sound of the spoon hitting the cup. This sound causes the bird to repeatedly run around the cup. Read more... February 22, 2015

Ontario Plow Train Plows Snow, Knocks Over Person

This plow train car from the Ontario Southland Railway is designed to push snow off the tracks. It does just that in this video. A person also happens to get knocked over by the deluge of snow the plow train sends flying off the track. Read more... February 19, 2015

Man Solves Wheel of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter

A man named Rufus was able to solve a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just one letter. All Rufus need was the letter "T." Read more... February 18, 2015

Woman Says Doctors Pull Gerbils Out of Patients on Family Feud

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud to name something a doctor might pull out of a patient. Darci quickly buzzed and said, "a gerbil." Harvey looked horrified. Darci's opponent, Manny, thought her suggestion was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing. Read more... February 15, 2015

Jeanne Moos Talks Super Bowl's Dancing Sharks

CNN's Jeanne Moos discusses the dancing sharks from the Super Bowl. Katy Perry's dancing sharks have been a social media hit. Left shark is the most famous for his out of sync dance routine. The hashtag #leftshark was even trending on Twitter for a while after the game. Read more... February 7, 2015

Realistic Looking Polar Bear Puppet Roams London

This impressive looking 8-foot polar puppet roamed London last week. The polar bear is a promotion for a British crime drama called Fortitude. has a photograph here that shows one poodle was quite alarmed by the large creature. Read more... February 6, 2015

Thieves Steal Empty ATM Machine From Calgary Casino

Robbers in Calgary managed to steal an ATM machine out of a casino. The robbers were probably not very pleased when they later opened up the ATM machine because it was completely empty. Read more... January 30, 2015
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