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Hamster Plays Real Life Super Mario Bros.

Watch this hamster enjoying a real world version of Super Mario made for him by his human. The hamster eagerly explores the set. He nearly tries on a Mario hat. Read more... September 1, 2016

Ryan Lochte Apology Songified by Schmoyoho

Ryan Lochte had to apologize for his hole-filled story at the Rio Olympics about him and his fellow swimmers being held at gunpoint at a gas station by fake police. Most of the details of the story turned out to be exaggerated or false. Read more... August 29, 2016

World Record for Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously Set in China

The world record for the most robots dancing simultaneously has been set in China. 1,007 robots danced together in a parking lot in Shandong, China to set the record. Read more... August 11, 2016
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