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Hamster Plays Real Life Super Mario Bros.

Watch this hamster enjoying a real world version of Super Mario made for him by his human. The hamster eagerly explores the set. He nearly tries on a Mario hat. Read more... September 1, 2016

Ryan Lochte Apology Songified by Schmoyoho

Ryan Lochte had to apologize for his hole-filled story at the Rio Olympics about him and his fellow swimmers being held at gunpoint at a gas station by fake police. Most of the details of the story turned out to be exaggerated or false. Read more... August 29, 2016

World Record for Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously Set in China

The world record for the most robots dancing simultaneously has been set in China. 1,007 robots danced together in a parking lot in Shandong, China to set the record. Read more... August 11, 2016

Man Grabbed by Police After Attempting to Scale Trump Tower With Suction Cups

A man tried to scale Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City today using suction cup technology. Trump Tower is a 58-story skyscraper. Donald Trump is the GOP presidential candidate so the climber picked a very newsworthy building. Read more... August 10, 2016

Smiley Face Appears in Hawaiian Volcano

A smiley face appeared in the crater of the Kilauea volcano. The video footage was captured as a helicopter from Paradise Helicopters was passing over the lava filled crater. The helicopter was piloted by Mick Kalber. Read more... August 1, 2016

Newborn Nigerian Dwarf Goats Wear Sweaters

Three newborn Nigerian Dwarf goats wear cozy sweaters in this cute animal video from Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine. The sweaters were put on the goats for a cold night to keep them snuggly and warm. Read more... June 17, 2016

Giant Panda Cubs Create Mischief for Cleaning Lady

These giant panda cubs just want to play and play. They made it nearly impossible for the staff to clean their living area. Read more... May 30, 2016

Happy Chewbacca Mask Song

That didn't take long. Facebook's most viral video, Happy Chewbacca, has already been songified by Schmoyoho. Read more... May 24, 2016

Brewery Develops Edible Six Pack Rings

Manufacturers use six-pack rings to hold beverages together. These connected rings can be dangerous to wildlife and they are plastic so they add to pollution. A brewery named Saltwater Brewery is offering a solution to the plastic six-pack rings that harm animals. They have come up with an edible six pack rings. Read more... May 19, 2016

Farmer Rescues Baby Alpaca From Hole

This video shows a baby alpaca being rescued from a hole by a farmer. The farmer says in the video post that the baby may have slid into the old badger hole by accident while taking a dust bath. The mother watched over as the baby was dug out from the hole. Read more... May 17, 2016

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake Sing True Colors

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake sang Cyndi Lauper's hit song "True Colors" at the Cannes Film Festival. The performance was to promote the upcoming animated film, Trolls. Read more... May 13, 2016

Mother Goose Gets Police Officer to Help Rescue Gosling

This is a very smart goose. The mother goose went and got a police officer to help out when her gosling was tangled up in a balloon string. Read more... May 12, 2016

Ostrich Chases Bikers Down the Road

An ostrich can be seen running full speed behind a couple bikers in this video. The bikers keep looking back so they are aware of the huge speeding bird behind them. Read more... March 9, 2016
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