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Cockatoo Yells into Plastic Cup

Here is a video of an adorable cockatoo using a plastic cup to make his voice louder. The cockatoo repeatedly tries out his voice in the cup. Read more... June 27, 2015

Record Set for Most Riders on a Surfboard in Huntington Beach

A Guinness World Record has been set for the most riders on a surfboard at one time. A large surfboard in Huntington Beach, Calif. had 61 people riding on it. Read more... June 22, 2015

Man Deliberately Crashes Through Garage to Fulfill Bucket List

A 91-year-old man named Walter Thomas intentionally smashed through his garage door in order to fulfill an item on his bucket list. This isn't on our bucket list but apparently some people dream of breaking through their garage door. Some people do this on accident. Read more... June 18, 2015

Shia LaBeouf's Just Do It Motivational Speech Gets Songified

Shia LaBeouf's intense motivational speech has been songified by The Gregory Brothers. Shia told everyone they can "Do It!" during his emotional speech in front of a green screen. Read more... June 15, 2015

Kodiak Bear Waves and Catches Bread Thrown His Way

Bears at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington are known for their ability to wave at visitors. They are also excellent at catching bread. This Kodiak bear takes its time before responding to a woman waving at it from a car. Read more... June 14, 2015

Cute Baby Goats Wearing Sweaters

In this video three baby goats can be seen wearing colorful sweaters. The little black goats have white marking on their heads. They made cute noises while standing in a field posing in their sweaters. Read more... June 1, 2015

Wedding Features Owl Ring Bearer

An adorable white barn owl was the ring bearer at the wedding between Shaun Palmer and Adele in Sunderland, England. The owl, named Bilbo, flew down the aisle to deliver the rings. Read more... May 28, 2015

Guinea Pig Bridge Song by Parry Gripp

Parry Gripp sings about the Guinea Pig Bridge in this music video. The famous bridge at the Nagasaki Bio Park enables guinea pigs to cross from one habitat to the other inside the park. Read more... May 23, 2015

Wild Boar Smashes Into Children's Clothing Store in Hong Kong

We have seen animals get into stores before but never quite like this. A wild boar in Hong Kong smashed its way into a children's store through the ceiling. After breaking in the wild boar then terrorized mannequins and dolls in the store before being tranquilized. Read more... May 13, 2015

Kangaroos Star in New Wild Kingdom Video Series

Kangaroos are the stars of a new Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom video series. The series is hosted by Wild Guide Stephanie Arne. Read more... April 13, 2015
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