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Ostrich Chases Bikers Down the Road

An ostrich can be seen running full speed behind a couple bikers in this video. The bikers keep looking back so they are aware of the huge speeding bird behind them. Read more... March 9, 2016

Guinea Pigs at Ueno Zoo Come for Supper When Bell Rings

Watch these cute guinea pigs head inside when the dinner bell starts ringing. They know what time it is. Read more... February 27, 2016

Meerkats Play Jenga at Symbio Wildlife Park

These meerkats are playing Jenga at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia. It is the oversized Jenga XXL version the meerkats are playing with. Read more... February 18, 2016

Manatees Return to Florida Spring for Warmth

This videos shows a group of manatees enjoying a visit to a Florida spring. The manatees are visiting the warm spring to escape a cold snap. Read more... February 13, 2016

Carly Rae Jepsen as Street Performer in Funny or Die Video

Carly Rae Jepsen is a street performer in a Funny or Die music video. Some people recognize her and she has a great live voice. She immediately draws a crowd. Read more... February 12, 2016

Cute Fox Named Juniper Thinks Bed Sheets are Snow

This cute fox named Juniper thinks white bed sheets are snow and keeps trying to jump into them. Juniper tries a couple times and then looks very puzzled. Read more... February 11, 2016

Not Today, The Building is on Fire Song

Michelle Dobyne did not have time at all for a fire in her apartment building in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She grabbed her kids and left the building, which is the correct thing to do in a dangerous fire situation. No was hurt in the fire. Michelle was interviewed about the fire and she said, "We bounced out...ain't gonna be in no fire, not today!" Read more... February 10, 2016

Tian Tian at Smithsonian National Zoo Enjoys Snow from Blizzard 2016

A dangerous blizzard struck the northeast U.S. this weekend dumping records amounts of snow in several major cities. Washington D.C. was one of the cities pummeled by the blizzard but it didn't face Tian Tian at the Smithsonian National Zoo. He was loving the snow. Read more... January 23, 2016

Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Terrorizes Arizona Town

It is Halloween and this giant inflatable pumpkin is making the most of it. The pumpkin could be seen rolling through the streets of a town in Arizona. Read more... October 31, 2015

Ancient 16th Century Church Emerges from Mexican Reservoir

Monks built this amazing look 16th century church that emerged from a Mexican reservoir as the water level fell. The Nezahualcoyotl reservoir has fallen due to a regional drought that has reduced water levels in the Grijalva river. Read more... October 28, 2015
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