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Lost Sheep Wearing Christmas Sweater Reunited With Owner

An adorable sheep was found wandering around the city of Omaha, Nebraska wearing a festive Christmas sweater. Fortunately, the lost sheep, named Gage, has been returned to his owner. Read more... December 11, 2014

Christmas Lights Synched to Let it Go From Frozen

This house has an impressive Christmas lights display that is synched to "Let It Go!" from Frozen. The display is also described as "ultra green." IT costs $6 in electricity to run for the holiday season. Read more... December 10, 2014

Farmer Plays Jingle Bells for Cows

A farmer played "Jingle Bells" on his trombone for his cows. The cows came running over to listen to the song. The farmer also gifted the cows with some popcorn, which they seemed to enjoy. Read more... December 9, 2014

Pennsylvania Town Keeps Ugly Christmas Tree

The official Christmas tree in Reading, Pennsylvania was initially criticized for being "ugly" and having sparse branches. Now the town has rallied behind the tree. The tree is going to be decorated with a single red bulb in honor of the A Charlie Brown Christmas special. The town hopes the unusual tree could draw tourists. Read more... December 7, 2014

Christmas Lights World Record Set in Canberra, Australia

David Richards in Canberra, Australia has set a record for string up nearly 1.2 million Christmas lights. The lights were used to make a 3D image of Christmas gifts. The installation has set the Guinness World Records record for the largest image made with LED lights. Read more... December 5, 2014

Santa Scuba Dives With Fish at Oklahoma Aquarium

Every holiday season there are videos of scuba diving Santas. Florida and Japan are the most frequent sources of Santas in scuba suits. This new video shows Santa scuba diving wish fish at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Read more... December 4, 2014

Giant Toilet-Shaped Cake Unveiled in India

The world's largest toilet-shaped cake has been made in India last month. The enormous cake was made to celebrate World Toilet Day and the International Toilet Festival. Making giant toilet cakes is certainly a great way to celebrate the day. The massive chocolate toilet cake reportedly weighs over 1,500 pounds. Read more... December 3, 2014

Thailand Sets World Record for Gathering of Elves

The world record for a gathering of elves has been set in Thailand. The gathering included 1,,700 elves. Most of the elves were children wearing red and green hats. A man from the Guinness Book of World Records can be seen examing the elves in the video. Take a look: Read more... December 2, 2014

Rhino Baby Tries to Hop Like Its Lamb Friend

Gertjie is an orphaned Rhino baby living at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) in Limpopo, South Africa. He has a lamb friend named Lammi. Watch as Gertjie tries to hop like Lammi does as they play together. Read more... October 27, 2014

Red-Tailed Hawk Attacks Quadcopter

A red-tailed hawk attacks and takes out a drone in this video filmed by the drone owner. The quadcopter was being flown at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge. The drone owner Christopher Schmidt says the hawk came out unscathed after attacking the drone. Schmidt says, "As soon as he flew at me, I throttled down the props to try to minimize any harm to the bird." Read more... October 12, 2014
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