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Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Terrorizes Arizona Town

It is Halloween and this giant inflatable pumpkin is making the most of it. The pumpkin could be seen rolling through the streets of a town in Arizona. Read more... October 31, 2015

Ancient 16th Century Church Emerges from Mexican Reservoir

Monks built this amazing look 16th century church that emerged from a Mexican reservoir as the water level fell. The Nezahualcoyotl reservoir has fallen due to a regional drought that has reduced water levels in the Grijalva river. Read more... October 28, 2015

GoPro Camera Falls Into Rattlesnake Pit

A man was using his GoPro camera to film a rattlesnake pit. The noisy rattlers were very curious about the camera. Many of the snakes had their blackish tongues out as they observed the GoPro. Read more... October 14, 2015

Banksy Opens Dismaland Theme Park in England

Street artist Banksy opened a strange amusement park in southwest England. The gloomy park, named Dismaland, offers a depressing, dystopian twist on Disneyland. Read more... October 7, 2015

Deer Jumps Through Hotel Window and Runs Around

A deer entered a hotel in Nebraska by smashing through a window in the hotel's Breakfast Room. The deer was captured on the hotel's surveillance system. Read more... September 14, 2015

Rita Ora Performed the Clickbait Song on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Rita Ora performed a song on Jimmy Kimmel Live called "The Clickbait Song." The song involves Internet clickbait headlines designed to get to you click on them. Read more... September 10, 2015

Munchkin The Teddy Bear as an Ewok

Munchkin The Teddy Bear is dressed up as an Ewok from Star Wars in the cute video. His costume even includes a little Ewok weapon. Read more... September 5, 2015

Ride Fish at the SeaGlass Carousel in New York City

The SeaGlass Carousel has opened at The Battery in New York City. People ride fish instead of horses on this unique carousel. Read more... September 2, 2015

Bears Swim in Family's Backyard Pool in New Jersey

A family of bears found a great way to cool themselves off. They found a children's pool in the backyard of a New Jersey home. Read more... September 1, 2015

Sinkhole Swallows Pedestrians in China

Several pedestrians were sucked into a sudden sinkhole in China. The people were standing on a sidewalk when it suddenly opened up sending them down into a hole. The incident took place in Harbin, China. Read more... August 30, 2015
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