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Video Nacho: Baby Videos

  • Pearl Jam Baby (May 22, 2013): Little Penelope sings along with Pearl Jam in htis singing baby video.

  • Twin Babies Dance to Dad's Guitar (September 23, 2012): Here are some super cute identical twin girls eating peas and dancing.

  • Cute Things Falling Asleep (January 10, 2009): MSNBC.

  • Babies Eating Lemons (October 11, 2007): None of the babies in this video appear to enjoy eating lemons.

  • Dog Keeps Baby Out of Drawer (August 7, 2007): In this video a smart dog keeps a baby from getting into a drawer.

  • Sugar Overload: Cuppy Cake Song (November 17, 2006): The Cuppy Cake Song is just as sweet as it sounds.

  • Laughing Baby Video (November 11, 2006): This cute little baby loves to laugh at silly noises.


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