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Video Nacho: Commercials and Marketing Video Clips

  • This is a Generic Brand Video (March 26, 2014): Dissolve creates generic brand video inspired by Kendra Eash article.

  • Google Search App's Martin Van Buren Commercial (January 8, 2013): Here is a hilarious ad for the Google Search App.

  • Zombies Cannot Resist Power of New York Lottery (July 6, 2012): Zombies are unable to resist the power of the New York Lottery in this clever commercial from DDB.

  • Unintentionally Funny Fashion Shack Ad (April 27, 2012): This ad for the Fashion Shack in Anderson, SC is made unintentionally funny by a background voice that whispers "Fashion Shack" in an unusual manner.

  • Video: Five Hours of Adriana Lima Waving a Flag (February 2, 2012): Kia Motors shared this video of Adriana Lima waving a flag.

  • Cup Noodle Robots Ad (September 17, 2011): Cup Noodle Robots were created for this crazy Japanese commercial.

  • Skittles Weird Touch the Screen Ad (May 13, 2011): This is a weird video.

  • Crazy Giga Pudding Commercial (October 15, 2010): Here is a funny Japanese commercial for Giga Pudding from Takara Tomy.

  • McDonald's Singing Wall-mounted Fish Ad (March 16, 2009): McDonald has a singing wall-mounted fish ad out although we've never seen it on tv.

  • Get Clean Coal Clean! (February 26, 2009): Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen have directed a new PSA for ThisIsReality.

  • Lay's Inflatable Flailing People Commercial (February 11, 2009): Did you know that if you eat Lay's potato chips you will turn into an inflatable flailing person? It's true.

  • Tiny Little Monsters (January 18, 2009): These little monsters in this commercial for The Ladders just can seem to scare anyone.

  • Apple Targets Microsoft's Ad Spending (October 20, 2008): Apple comes back against Microsoft's recent Vista advertising campaign with this clever ad that says Microsoft is investing all its money in advertising instead of "fixing" Vista.

  • Spore Video Game Ad (September 19, 2008): Here's the ad for the hot video game Spore.

  • TV Commercial for Pringles with Brad Pitt (July 10, 2008): Brad Pitt in an old Australian pringles ad.

  • Tinseltown Nanny (March 6, 2008): The Venetian Princess is back with a spoof of recent celebrity antics.

  • Slow Motion Water Balloon Burst (March 5, 2008): This commercial for Schweppes shows water balloons bursting in slow motion.

  • Yikes! Pencils (January 28, 2008): They don't make awesome pencils like these retro Yikes pencils anymore.

  • Christina Aquilera Perfume Commercial (January 10, 2008): This is Christina Aquilera's sexy commercial for her new perfume that carries her name.

  • Jessica Alba and Lee Hyori: Making of Isa Knox Ad (December 22, 2007): Hot celebrity stars Jessica Alba and Lee Hyori discuss the making of the popular Isa Knox commercial.

  • Over the Top 80s Car Commercial (November 11, 2007): You've never seen anything like this before.

  • Sony Bravia Play Doh Ad (October 22, 2007): Here is the Sony Bravia play doh ad that has been very popular on the video sharinh websites.

  • Evangeline Lilly Knows Where the Singles Are (September 28, 2007): Evangeline Lilly appeared in this commercial for a singles hotline before she become famous on Lost.

  • Orlando Bloom Loves His Hair Gel (August 24, 2007): Orlando Bloom stars in this extremely entertaining Japanese commercial for Uno, a division of cosmetics giant Shiseido.

  • Heineken's Technophonic Dance Party (August 14, 2007): This goofy video form Heineken has generate well over a million views on YouTube.

  • Heinz Ketchup Man (July 24, 2007): This is one really insane ketchup commercial starring the Heinz Ketchup Man.

  • Nicole Kidman Nintendo DS Commercial (June 27, 2007): Here is an advertisement for the Nintendo DS starring Nichole Kidman.

  • Berries and Cream (May 12, 2007): These two videos feature the unique Berries and Cream character from the Starburst commercial.

  • IKEA Interactive Mattress Ad (May 11, 2007): Shake Well Before Use found this neat in-store IKEA ad that features a projection of a man sleeping on a bed.

  • Kodak - Winds of Change (April 20, 2007): This is a terrific commercial from Kodak about entering the digital age that didn't air on television.

  • Soccer Kid (March 10, 2007): This is a cute commercial about a boy who is looking for a soccer playmate.

  • Madonna H&M Commercial (March 8, 2007): This is the Director's Cut of the new Madonna H&M Commercial where Madonna whips some fashion knowhow into a bad dresser.

  • Kung Fu Clowns (March 4, 2007): Clowns fight kung fu style in this hilarious Bell South commercial.

  • Catwoman in Commercial (February 27, 2007): This foreign commercial does a great job with its catwoman character.

  • K-Fed's Super Bowl Commercial (February 4, 2007): K-Fed has apologized for this ad that was supposed to be a Super Bowl commercial.

  • Skittles Leak (January 29, 2007): A guy has a Skittles leak coming from his ceiling in this bizarre Skittles commerical.

  • FedEx Kinkos Meeting Commercial (January 22, 2007): This funny FedEx commercial points out all the typical office personalities people encounter in the workplace.

  • Bruce Campbell Talks About It (January 9, 2007): Bruce Campbell talks about "it" in this clever Old Spice commercial.

  • Doritos Mouse Trap Commercial (January 5, 2007): Doritos has been running a competition for the top five user generated commercials.

  • Gaylord is the Ideal Toy (January 1, 2007): Here is a funny old black and white tv commercial for a pull toy.

  • A Very Big Ad (December 11, 2006): These people are in a very big ad.

  • The Excitement of Bookbinding (December 5, 2006): This video from If'n Books, a bookbindery in Rhode Island, shows just how exciting the bookbinding process can be.

  • Bank of America Sings U2's One (November 20, 2006): This parody version of U2's "One" was performed at a Bank of America corporate meeting.


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