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Video Nacho: Funny Videos

  • Rita Ora Performed the Clickbait Song on Jimmy Kimmel Live (September 10, 2015): Rita Ora sang the Clickbait Song on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She wore a red suit.

  • Kids Dressed Up as Appliances Race in Michigan (August 1, 2015): Kids dressed up as appliances went for a race at a ballpark in Michigan. There was lot of tumbling as they kids ran.

  • Cookie Monster Unboxes a Pizza (March 23, 2015): Cookie Monster unboxes a pizza like it is a gadget in Sesame Street video.

  • Ball Pit Door Prank at Chicago Union Station (March 6, 2015): A mysterious door set up at Chicago Union Station releases ball pit balls when it is opened by a curious person.

  • Woman Says Doctors Pull Gerbils Out of Patients on Family Feud (February 15, 2015): A woman said gerbils are something doctors frequently remove from patients on Family Feud.

  • Supermarket Cow Mascot Is Full of Energy (January 19, 2015): This dancing supermarket cow has enough energy to dance all day.

  • Clickhole Shares Silly Video That Makes a Good Point (June 12, 2014): Clickhole shared this silly video with an alligator that spreads the message that racism is bad.

  • Scary Snowman Scares Boston Residents (April 2, 2014): This scary snowman scared unsuspecting Boston residents last November.

  • Devil Baby Attack Frightens New Yorkers (January 14, 2014): New Yorkers were frightened by an evil looking animatronic baby in a stunt for Devil's Due

  • Improv Everywhere Simulates Running of the Bulls at Venice Beach (January 10, 2014): Improv Everywhere created a hilarious Running of the Bulls scene at Venice Beach

  • Darren Criss Helps Songify the News (August 7, 2013): Darren Criss helped the creative folks at schmoyoho songify the news in Flying Robot Songify the News 3

  • Magician Andy Gross Scares People With His Split Man Illusion (July 22, 2013): Magician Andy Gross frightens people in this video with his Split Man illusion.

  • Simon's Cat: Icecapade (January 1, 2013): Here is a new episode of Simon's Cat called "Icecapade.

  • Snowman Holiday Shopping Prank (December 14, 2012): This snowman first appears to be just a statue.

  • Man Dresses Up as Spider-Man in Poland (September 13, 2012): A man in Poland dressed up as Spider-Man and ran around spraying spider webs on people, riding escalators strangely, break dancing and hanging upside down in buses and on the subway.

  • Textually Active: How People Mess Up Texting (August 31, 2012): Here is a short video about texting using stick figure like cartoons.

  • Written by a Kid: Scary Smash (August 6, 2012): Here is a hilarious tale based on a the mind of a 5-year-old named Brett.

  • Marshmallow Peep Does the Chicken Dance (June 27, 2012): Here is a video of a Marshmallow Peep doing the Chicken Dance.

  • Dare to Fight the Ninja (October 22, 2011): Dare to fight the ninja.

  • Elmo Orders at Taco Bell (January 6, 2011): Someone with a very good Elmo voice ordered through the drive-thru at Taco Bell.

  • Pelican Attacks Weatherman (February 17, 2010): A pelican attacked an Australian meteorologist causing him to laugh uncontrollably like a girly man.

  • Giant Seagull Appears Behind News Reporter (October 22, 2009): It is always awesome when bugs and birds appear on tv cameras.

  • Pose for Your Subway Yearbook Photo (October 10, 2009): Many subway riders posed for the "Subway Yearbook Photo" ruse from Improv Everywhere.

  • Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt (August 11, 2009): Could you catch a laptop with your butt? Probably not.

  • Peep Microwave Disaster (June 30, 2009): Here's a funny film about what happens when you put a Mashmallow Peep in a 100,000 Watt microwave.

  • Pulled Over For Being Super Cool (May 15, 2009): We love this commercial where a guy gets pulled over by a cop but only because the officer wants to tell him how super cool he is.

  • Pac-Man in the Grocery Store (April 17, 2009): Pac-Man is on the run in this video chased by ghosts in a grocery store.

  • Excessive Ping Pong Match Victory Celebration (March 21, 2009): Here's how to celebrate if you win a ping pong match.

  • CNN's Zain Verjee Struggles to Say Peanuts (February 20, 2009): Sometimes it's hard to say the right word.

  • Obama Girl Plays Wii Sports With Presidents (February 19, 2009): Obama girl, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and George Bush play Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

  • Obama Girl and Obama Duet (January 19, 2009): Obama Girl made a duet with President-elect Barack Obama.

  • Turkey Bowling With Chad Vader (January 4, 2009): Try and beat Chad Vader in turkey bowling and you will fail miserably.

  • Lego Darth Vader Takes a Personal Day (December 17, 2008): Lego Darth Vader wants a personal day.

  • Random Welcomes at the Airport (December 5, 2008): Improv Everywhere welcome random strangers at the airport.

  • The Kevin Bacon Movie Club (November 13, 2008): The best thing about the Kevin Bacon Movie Club is that Kevin Bacon will come and watch a Kevin Bacon movie with you.

  • Fast Two Legged Horse (November 6, 2008): This horse can run very fast on its two legs.

  • He's a Cat Flushing the Toilet (October 16, 2008): Here's a video of cats flushing the toilet with a silly song in the background.

  • Literal Version of Take On Me (October 6, 2008): Here's a funny literal version of Ah-ha's "Take On Me.

  • Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals (October 5, 2008): Hey! Let's go talk to some animals with Mark Wahlberg.

  • Disney Geneticists Debut New Child Stars (October 2, 2008): The Onion reports on some new child stars that Disney's geneticists have created in its labs.

  • Professor Wikipedia (September 24, 2008): Lectures from Professor Wikipedia are very confusing.

  • John McCain's Wandering Eyes (September 2, 2008): Someone made this funny video of John McCain looking at something during Sarh Palin's speech.

  • Barack Roll (August 11, 2008): Someone spent a lot of time editing this Barack Obama version of a Rick Roll.

  • The Onion: Is the Beijing Olympics a Trap? (August 9, 2008): "In The Know" panelists discuss whether our athletes will be able to escape the bamboo cages the Chinese government will try to imprison them in.

  • Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Completes First Press Conference Mission (August 4, 2008): The Onion News Network reports on a new Spokesdrone that can handle questions from reporters and track their movements.

  • Beaker's Ode to Joy (July 23, 2008): Here's Beaker's version of "Ode to Joy.

  • Jamie Lynn's Reproduction Rap (July 11, 2008): Learn where babies come from in the ridiculous "Jamie Lynn's Reproduction Rap.

  • Human Mirror on the New York Subway (July 8, 2008): Here another classic from ImprovEverywhere.

  • Death Orb Commercial from Qore (July 5, 2008): Here's a funny spoof of video game ads.

  • Bill O'Reilly Flips Out Dance Remix (May 16, 2008): The inevitable Bill O'Reilly flips out dance remix is here.

  • Charlie the Unicorn 2 (May 2, 2008): This is Charlie the Unicorn 2 a sequel to the awesome Charlie the Unicorn video.

  • Jembo: The Talking Caution Sign (April 10, 2008): Cool.

  • Surprise Party (April 7, 2008): Some people can get very, very excited about throwing a surprise party as you can see in this SNL clip.

  • Nation Of Andorra Not In Africa (March 10, 2008): The Onion reports that the State Department was shocked to find that Andorra is not in Africa.

  • Scrabulous Music Video (March 8, 2008): You may have heard of the popular online Scrabble game called Scrabulous.

  • The Obama Files (March 3, 2008): This funny Saturday Night Live cartoon shows how Barack Obama keeps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton form interfering with his campaign.

  • The Cart Whisperer (February 29, 2008): Wild shopping carts prefer reclusive lives but The Cart Whisperer can tame them and bring them back out into the open.

  • 1-900-NERD-GIRL (February 28, 2008): These LOTR and Star Wars loving nerd girls claim to ready to fulfill any nerd's fantasy.

  • Love Hurts (February 14, 2008): Cupid's arrows can be quite painful.

  • Unimpressive Spider-Man (January 27, 2008): This performer is not the best Spider-Man you will ever see but at least he is trying.


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