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Video Nacho: Holiday Videos

  • Patrick Stewart Wears Singing Christmas Hat (January 3, 2015): Patricks Stewart wears a singing Christmas hat in this video. He doesn't seem to like it.

  • Lost Sheep Wearing Christmas Sweater Reunited With Owner (December 11, 2014): A lost sheep found wearing a festive Christmas sweater has been reunited with his owner.

  • Christmas Lights Synched to Let it Go From Frozen (December 10, 2014): This house has synched its Christmas lights with the popular hit Let It Go from Frozen.

  • Farmer Plays Jingle Bells for Cows (December 9, 2014): A farmer plays Jingle Bells on a trombone for his cows.

  • Pennsylvania Town Keeps Ugly Christmas Tree (December 7, 2014): A Pennsylvania town will keep its ugly Christmas tree with sparse branches.

  • Christmas Lights World Record Set in Canberra, Australia (December 5, 2014): A Guinness World Records record for the largest image made with LED lights has been set in Canberra, Australia

  • Santa Scuba Dives With Fish at Oklahoma Aquarium (December 4, 2014): Santa Claus went scuba diving at the Oklahoma Aquarium. He waved at children through the glass.

  • Thailand Sets World Record for Gathering of Elves (December 2, 2014): An enormous gathering of elves wearing green and hats set a record in Thailand.

  • Bock Family Creates Christmas Version of Miley's We Can't Stop (December 19, 2013): The Bock Family created a Christmas version of Miley Cyrus's hit, We Can't Stop.

  • Father Records 25 Years of Kids Coming Down Steps for Christmas (December 17, 2013): A father recorded 25 years of his kids coming down a curved staircase for Christmas. The son turned the home movies in a YouTube video.

  • Disney Toy Soldier Trains for Christmas Day Parade (December 15, 2013): Disney's toy soldiers have been training for the Christmas Day Parade. One of them is being trained by Goofy.

  • Christmas Sweatz Song (December 15, 2012): Here is a song about Christmas sweat pants, called "Christmas Sweatz.

  • The Cadger Dubstep Christmas House (December 17, 2011): This is one impressive Christmas light show.

  • Pumpkins Being Smashed in Super Slow Motion (October 27, 2011): These pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are being smashed in super slow motion.

  • Antoine Dodson's Chimney Intruder (December 22, 2010): Antoine Dodson has a different view of Santa Claus in his song "Chimney Intruder.

  • The Pumpkin Man Dance (October 31, 2009): This pumpkin man does a very silly dance to the Ghostbusters theme.

  • Happy New Year! (January 1, 2009): The world ushered in the New Year around the world with fireworks.

  • Aimee Mann's Christmas Carol (December 28, 2008): Aimee Mann is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Shows past, present, and future to learn the true meaning of the Christmas show.

  • Dog Costume Parade in New York (October 31, 2008): Dogs dress up in the dog costume parade.

  • Love Hurts (February 14, 2008): Cupid's arrows can be quite painful.

  • How to Write a Love Song (February 14, 2008): Evan from Mahalo Daily teaches you how to write a love song for your special lady.

  • PostSecret - A Valentine Video (February 13, 2008): Here is a Valentine's Day video based on some of the postcards found on the popular PostSecret website.

  • Chocolate Santa Claus Stopmotion Film (December 25, 2007): This is a Stopmotion film about a chocolate Santa Claus.

  • Mountain Dew Christmas Tree (December 24, 2007): Someone made a Mountain Dew Christmas tree for the holidays.

  • Yeti's Christmas (December 23, 2007): Here's a cute little Christmas animation about a Yeti and a Christmas gift he receives.

  • Celebrate National Flashlight Day (December 21, 2007): Today is National Flashlight Day! Hooray! .

  • President Bush Sings Deck the Halls (December 20, 2007): In this clip from Jib Jab President Bush sings the holiday classic "Deck the Halls.

  • Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey (December 16, 2007): Dominick the Donkey is an Italian Christmas song written by Ray Allen and Lou Monte and first sung by Lou Monte in 1960.

  • Nation's Wealthy Cruelly Deprived Of True Meaning Of Christmas (December 14, 2007): This is a really depressing story from The Onion.

  • Will it Blend: Christmas Ornaments (December 5, 2007): Another blending video from Blendtec.

  • Americans Enjoying Thanksgiving at the Airport (November 23, 2007): The Onion reports that the airport was one of the best places to spend Thanksgiving this year.

  • Zombies Invade Newsroom (November 1, 2007): These morning anchors were really caught by surprise when some zombies stormed in.

  • The War on Pumpkins (October 30, 2007): Stephen Colbert warns about this year's alarming pumpkin shortage.

  • Halloween Awakening (October 28, 2007): A pumpkin carves itself for Halloween is this entertaining stop-motion video.

  • Zombies in Plain English (October 26, 2007): It's almost Halloween.

  • Miss Molly is Ready for Halloween (October 10, 2007): Janice Freeman from Animal Adoption and Rescure Foundation (AARF) introduces Miss Molly who is all dressed up for Halloween.

  • The Easter Bunny Hates You (April 8, 2007): An evil Easter bunny does mean things to strangers in this video from Black20.

  • Regifted Sweater on Conan (December 29, 2006): An ugly sweater is regifted on Conan.

  • Burning Yule Log (December 26, 2006): Cozy up by the fire.

  • Taking Back Sunday - 12 Days of Christmas (December 25, 2006): Taking Back Sunday covers the "12 Days of Christmas" in this animated version.

  • Pussycat Dolls Perform Santa Baby (December 24, 2006): The Pussycat Dolls perform "Santa Baby" with Snoop Dogg playing Santa.

  • Christmas Song (December 23, 2006): The classic Christmas song from the former Saturday Night Live crew: Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan.

  • Charlotte Church Sings Little Drummer Boy (December 20, 2006): Charlotte Church sings "Little Drummer Boy" on Good Morning America.

  • Homelessville SNL Short (December 19, 2006): Justin Timberlake stars in this battle between two holiday charities.

  • Building Tagged With Magnetic LED Christmas Lights (December 17, 2006): A building in Sydney is tagged with 2,000 LED Christmas lights in this video produced by MTV.

  • Baby, It's Cold Outside (December 17, 2006): Back when they were still married Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey performed this version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside.

  • Ellen Dances With Giant Candy Cane (December 13, 2006): Ellen is feeling the holiday spirit.

  • Simpson Sisters Sing Little Drummer Boy (December 12, 2006): Ashlee and Jessica Simpson sing the "Little Drummer Boy" Christmas classic.

  • Twisted Sister Christmas (December 8, 2006): This may be the most unusual Chrismas album ever: Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister.

  • Hey Ya Charlie Brown (November 30, 2006): Here is an entertaining mix of Outkast's "Hey Ya" with clips of Charlie Brown and his pals dancing.

  • Yahoo Buzz Talks Turkey (November 23, 2006): Yahoo Buzz talks about some popular Turkey searches and also looks at some home videos people have made about turkeys.

  • Halloween: The Aftermath (November 1, 2006): The film by Mantis Pictures shows what happens to a Jack O' Lantern after sitting out for fourteen days.

  • The Life and Death of a Pumpkin (October 29, 2006): This film shows Halloween from the perspective of a pumpkin.


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