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Video Nacho: News Videos

  • Ryan Lochte Apology Songified by Schmoyoho (August 29, 2016): Ryan Lochte's sad Olympics apology to Matt Lauer has been turned into a song by Schmoyoho

  • Song: Reality Hits You Hard Bro (September 26, 2011):

  • Cannabis Plantation Guarded By Bears, Pig Too Much for Russian Reporter (May 12, 2011):

  • Dude, You Have no Koran (September 17, 2010):

  • Bed Intruder Song (July 31, 2010):

  • Footage of Plane Landing in Hudson River (January 17, 2009):

  • Boat Explanation Fail (December 19, 2008):

  • San Francisco Voters May Name Wastewater Treatment Plant After President Bush (August 29, 2008):

  • Pilot Averts Disaster (March 3, 2008):

  • Shut Up Hugo Chavez (November 19, 2007):

  • Zombies Invade Newsroom (November 1, 2007):

  • Reporter In Front of His Own Burning Home (October 23, 2007):

  • Model Falls in Hole in Fashion Runway (October 18, 2007):

  • Zombie Kid Likes Turtles (October 6, 2007):

  • Student Tasered at John Kerry Forum (September 18, 2007):

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