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Video Nacho: People Videos

  • Man Grabbed by Police After Attempting to Scale Trump Tower With Suction Cups (August 10, 2016): A man was grabbed by police after attempting to scale Trupm Tower using suction cups.

  • Happy Chewbacca Mask Song (May 24, 2016): Happy Chewbacca Mask song is a song based on a Texas mother super happy with her toy mask purchase.

  • Man Arrested for Up Balloon Publicity Stunt (July 7, 2015): Canadian man arrested for helium balllon stunt. He sat and chair and used the balloons to take him up in the air like in the movie Up.

  • Man Deliberately Crashes Through Garage to Fulfill Bucket List (June 18, 2015): A named named Walter Thomas intentionally crashed through his garage door in order to fulfill an item on a his bucket list.

  • Shia LaBeouf's Just Do It Motivational Speech Gets Songified (June 15, 2015): Shia LaBeouf's motiviational spech has been songified by the Gregory Brothers.

  • Stormtrooper Outfit Saves Man From Venomous Snakebite (January 17, 2015): A man says his stormtrooper outfit saved him from a venomous snakebite in Australia

  • YouTube Looks Back at 2014 With YouTube Rewind (December 28, 2014): YouTube stars are featured in the YouTube Rewind 2014 video.

  • Norway Traffic Sign Encourages Silly Walks (April 4, 2014): A traffic sign in Norway encourages people to do silly walks when they cross the street.

  • Man Sets Record for Most Walnuts Smashed With His Head in One Minute (March 17, 2014): A man in Pakistan set the record for smashing the most walnuts with his head in one minute.

  • Father Records 25 Years of Kids Coming Down Steps for Christmas (December 17, 2013): A father recorded 25 years of his kids coming down a curved staircase for Christmas. The son turned the home movies in a YouTube video.

  • Freestyle Finger Snapping Guy (November 8, 2013): The Freestyle Finger Snapping Guy carries a beat with his fingers and hands.

  • Magician Andy Gross Scares People With His Split Man Illusion (July 22, 2013): Magician Andy Gross frightens people in this video with his Split Man illusion.

  • Time Lapse Video of Girl Learning to Dance (July 16, 2013): This video shows a time lapse of a girl learning dance moves.

  • Seeing Eye People by Improv Everywhere (May 26, 2013): Improv Everywhere had people pose as Seeing Eye People to help people text and walk safely.

  • Gregory Brothers Songify Hero Charles Ramsey (May 9, 2013): The Gregory Brothers have songified Charles Ramsey, the hero who helped rescue the 3 kidnappened Cleveland women.


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