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Video Nacho: People Videos

  • Seattle Strees Emptying as Coronavirus Cases Climb (March 7, 2020): An outbreak of the coronavirus in Seattle, Washington is emptying city streets, stores and restaurants.

  • Alex Trebek Thanks Fans for Well Wishes (March 15, 2019): Alex Trebek took to YouTube to thank fans and supporters for their well wishes following his cancer announcement.

  • Man Grabbed by Police After Attempting to Scale Trump Tower With Suction Cups (August 10, 2016): A man was grabbed by police after attempting to scale Trupm Tower using suction cups.

  • Happy Chewbacca Mask Song (May 24, 2016): Happy Chewbacca Mask song is a song based on a Texas mother super happy with her toy mask purchase.

  • Man Arrested for Up Balloon Publicity Stunt (July 7, 2015): Canadian man arrested for helium balllon stunt. He sat and chair and used the balloons to take him up in the air like in the movie Up.

  • Man Deliberately Crashes Through Garage to Fulfill Bucket List (June 18, 2015): A named named Walter Thomas intentionally crashed through his garage door in order to fulfill an item on a his bucket list.

  • Shia LaBeouf's Just Do It Motivational Speech Gets Songified (June 15, 2015): Shia LaBeouf's motiviational spech has been songified by the Gregory Brothers.

  • Stormtrooper Outfit Saves Man From Venomous Snakebite (January 17, 2015): A man says his stormtrooper outfit saved him from a venomous snakebite in Australia

  • YouTube Looks Back at 2014 With YouTube Rewind (December 28, 2014): YouTube stars are featured in the YouTube Rewind 2014 video.

  • Norway Traffic Sign Encourages Silly Walks (April 4, 2014): A traffic sign in Norway encourages people to do silly walks when they cross the street.

  • Man Sets Record for Most Walnuts Smashed With His Head in One Minute (March 17, 2014): A man in Pakistan set the record for smashing the most walnuts with his head in one minute.

  • Father Records 25 Years of Kids Coming Down Steps for Christmas (December 17, 2013): A father recorded 25 years of his kids coming down a curved staircase for Christmas. The son turned the home movies in a YouTube video.

  • Freestyle Finger Snapping Guy (November 8, 2013): The Freestyle Finger Snapping Guy carries a beat with his fingers and hands.

  • Magician Andy Gross Scares People With His Split Man Illusion (July 22, 2013): Magician Andy Gross frightens people in this video with his Split Man illusion.

  • Time Lapse Video of Girl Learning to Dance (July 16, 2013): This video shows a time lapse of a girl learning dance moves.

  • Seeing Eye People by Improv Everywhere (May 26, 2013): Improv Everywhere had people pose as Seeing Eye People to help people text and walk safely.

  • Gregory Brothers Songify Hero Charles Ramsey (May 9, 2013): The Gregory Brothers have songified Charles Ramsey, the hero who helped rescue the 3 kidnappened Cleveland women.

  • High School Creates Bad Gangnam Style Video (December 6, 2012): Some high school students from Garden Spot High School, Pennsylvania, created a Gangnam Style music video.

  • Noah Kalina Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day for Twelve Years (September 19, 2012): Noah Kalina became Internet famous in 2006 when he shared a video of photos of himself he had taken everyday for six years.

  • Tranquil Honey Harvest Video (February 25, 2012): Here is a relaxing video about honey being harvested.

  • Girl is Skilled at Saying Words Backwards (January 30, 2012): A girl named Alyssa is very skilled at pronouncing a word backwards.

  • Skittles Boom Box Video (December 15, 2011): Nathan Barnatt thanks Skittles for sending him a Skittle Boom Box with an awesome video.

  • Boomerang Trick Shot Video (November 9, 2011): This guy has some impressive boomerang skills.

  • Live Action Version of Haters Gonna Hate Guy (September 29, 2011): Sandpaper Suit created this live action version of the Haters Gonna Hate meme.

  • Sean Klitzner Thanks His 10,000 YouTube Subscribers (September 15, 2011): Sean Klitzner reached 10,000 YouTube subscribers so he decided to take the time to thank them all individually.

  • Reporter Gives Hurricane Irene Update Covered in Foam (August 28, 2011): WTTG-TV reporter Tucker Barnes gave a report from Ocean City, Maryland covered in foam.

  • Jade Dussault's Amazing Hula Hoop Skills (August 19, 2011): Jade Dussault is ridiculously good with the hula hoop.

  • Man Dances With a Knife. Grandma Brings Him a Beer (August 18, 2011): This is a strange video.

  • Wellington, New Zealand Residents Enjoy Rare Snowfall (August 17, 2011): Wellington, New Zealand was recently hit by its first snowfall in 40 years.

  • Jon Counts to 100,000 in Video That is Over 74 Hours Long (August 15, 2011): Here is a video for those of you who are really bored or who are having trouble sleeping.

  • Summer Fun: Excavator Drops Water on People in Pool (August 13, 2011): This is insane.

  • Crazy Acrobat Walks Tightrope Between Two Hot Air Balloons (August 7, 2011): Here is a crazy stunt.

  • Debbie the Cat Lover Songified (July 17, 2011): Schmoyoho turned Debbie's immense love of cats into a song called, "Can't Hug Every Cat.

  • Dancing Traffic Cop in Philippines (July 6, 2011): The 54-year-old Philippines traffic cop spins and dancers to entertain drivers as he directs traffic.

  • Man Wears Iron Man costume to Work (June 23, 2011): A man wore his homemade Iron Man costume to work at an office in Shanghai, China.

  • Man Dances at the Bus Stop (June 21, 2011): This man dancing at the bus stop while listening to an iPod.

  • Man Steps Into Car Using Window (June 19, 2011): In this video, a thin man easily steps into a car using the windows.

  • Video: The Grand Rapids LipDub (June 17, 2011): The Grand Rapids LipDub is the largest lipdub ever.

  • Record Smiley Face Made of Peeps in Zagreb (May 16, 2011): Hundreds of people gathered in Zagreb, Croatia to create the largest smiley face made of humans.

  • Video: Riding a Bicycle in an Airport (May 10, 2011): These passengers really know how to pass the time in the airport.

  • Soldier Dances on Tank as Rockets Fly By (May 9, 2011): A soldiers dances to "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones as rockets fly behind him.

  • Dancing Sign Girl Loves Coffee and Waving Her Sign (May 8, 2011): Chelsea Scriven dances with a sign to advertise for Scooters coffee house in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Girl Makes Accurate Sounding Animal Noises (April 19, 2011): This girl can make many very good animal noises.

  • Mario Themed Parkour Gym (April 7, 2011): This promotional video is for the Tempest Freerunning Academy, California's first indoor training facility dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour.

  • Know Your Meme: Antoine Dodson (October 17, 2010): The Know Your Meme people explain Antoine Dodson and the Bed Intruder song created by the Gregory Brothers.

  • How to Snap Like a Diva (September 15, 2010): This is important video that will help you improve your snapping.

  • Double Rainbow Song (July 10, 2010): If you have seen the Double Rainbow video, then you will appreciate this auto-tuned song version of the historic double rainbow discovery.

  • Man Rips and Re-uploads Same YouTube Video 1,000 Times (June 4, 2010): Rip and upload a video to YouTube 1,000 times and you will have a greatly distorted and weird video.

  • Master Business Card Tosser (May 30, 2010): This guy is a master at throwing business cards.

  • Sister's Webcam Dance Interrupted (May 13, 2010): A boy interrupts his sister's webcam dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

  • Man in Chicken Suit Interrupts Class (March 3, 2010): A man in a chicken suit interrupted an organic chemistry class at Northwestern.

  • Paper Pixels (January 21, 2010): This guy made a video where every pixel on a 100x100 screen is a video with him in it.

  • Guy Dances Like Michael Dances While Waiting for Bus (November 2, 2009): This guy dances like Michael Jackson whenever he is stuck waiting at the bus stop.

  • Piano Stairs More Fun Than Boring Escalator (October 8, 2009): These piano stairs were installed to see if people would prefer them over the escalator.

  • Man's Dancing is Irresistible (June 5, 2009): This a video of a man dancing at the Sasquatch 2009 Dancing Man Party.

  • CNN's Zain Verjee Struggles to Say Peanuts (February 20, 2009): Sometimes it's hard to say the right word.

  • Know Your Meme: Magibon (January 5, 2009): Here's another entry from Rocketboom about helping to explain Internet memes.

  • Black Friday in San Francisco (December 1, 2008): It's Black Friday and lots of people are out shopping.

  • Zombie Kid Interviewed About His Turtles Answer (October 15, 2008): Johnathon the Zombie Kid has been tracked down by the network that did the original interview where Johnathon said "I Like Turtles.

  • Dan Took Photos of Himself Everyday for 17 Years (September 23, 2008): Dan Hanna took photos of himself twice a day for seventeen years.


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