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Video Nacho: Political Video Clips

  • Prototypes of the Trump Border Wall Revealed (October 20, 2017): Video footage of Trump's border walls have been released. None of them are beautiful.

  • Video: Muffins in Congress (July 4, 2012): Schmoyoho has songified news about expensive $16 muffins in Congress.

  • Martin Short Sings It's Raining Mitt Song for Mitt Romney (March 16, 2012): Martin Short sang the "It's Raining Mitt" song as a tribute to GOP candidate Mitt Romney on Late Night with David Letterman.

  • Obama's Kick Ass Song (June 10, 2010): President Obama is ready to kick some ass over the BP oil spill.

  • Rush Limbaugh Dances to Lady Gaga (January 30, 2010): Here is a video that shows conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh dancing somewhat insanely to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face.

  • Barack Obama Plays it Cool (December 7, 2008): Barack Obama sure knows how to play it cool.

  • The Onion: Obama Zombies (November 7, 2008): The election is over and now all the Obama supporters left with nothing to do or talk about.

  • Barack Obama's Victory Speech (November 5, 2008): Barack Obama has won the election and will be the 44th President of the United States.

  • Joe the Plumber Missing From McCain Rally (October 30, 2008): Uh oh.

  • Barack Obama on Daily Show (October 29, 2008): Barack Obama appeared on the Daily Show tonight.

  • Electing a US President in Plain English (October 28, 2008): A short guide to understanding the U.

  • Natalie Portman for Early Vote (October 26, 2008): Natalie Portman encourages people to vote early and plugs the Obama campaign's Vote for Change website where you can find voting locations.

  • Ron Howard's Call to Action (October 24, 2008): Ron Howard's Call to Action from FunnyorDie.

  • Hayden Panettiere PSA: Vote for McCain (October 14, 2008): Hayden Panettiere is doing a PSA for John McCain in this Funny or Die clip.

  • The Sarah Palin Collection (October 10, 2008): It's the Sarah Palin Collection.

  • Matt Damon Blasts Sarah Palin (September 15, 2008): Matt Damon blasts Sarah Palin in this CBS Raw clip.

  • Obama Ad Notes McCain Can't Use a Computer (September 13, 2008): This political ad approved by Barack Obama attacks John McCain for his inability to use a computer.

  • Gina Gershon Does Sarah Palin (September 10, 2008): Gina Gershon has done a parody of Sarah Palin for Funny or Die.

  • Kia Commercial Mimics Obama Brand (September 4, 2008): Kia commercial mimics Barack Obama and the Obama campaign logo.

  • John McCain's Wandering Eyes (September 2, 2008): Someone made this funny video of John McCain looking at something during Sarh Palin's speech.

  • San Francisco Voters May Name Wastewater Treatment Plant After President Bush (August 29, 2008): Voters in San Francisco will decide in November whether to rename a wastewater treatment plant after President George W.

  • McCain Girl and The Enchanted Republican Forest (August 5, 2008): McCain Girl and her magical animated friends Don't Tax Me Turtle, Single Issue Eagle and Homophobic Platypus sing about John McCain sing a song.

  • Paris Hilton's Response to McCain Ad (August 5, 2008): Paris Hilton responds to the recent political ad from John McCain that calls Barack Obama the biggest celebrity in the world.

  • Time for Some Campaignin' (July 17, 2008): This is JibJab's first election satire since 2004's "This Land" and "Good to be in DC.

  • The Incredible McCain Girl (June 15, 2008): Barely Political is still making these funny political videos featuring politician-loving babes.

  • The Ron Paul Song (April 9, 2008): Ron Paul can't win but here's another Ron Paul song anyway.

  • Chelsea Clinton: That's None of Your Business (March 27, 2008): Chelsea Clinton refuses to answer a question about the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the video below.

  • Raining McCain (March 24, 2008): This is one crazy John McCain music video from the McCain Girls.

  • George Bush Yes We Can Parody (March 7, 2008): This spoof of Will.

  • The Obama Files (March 3, 2008): This funny Saturday Night Live cartoon shows how Barack Obama keeps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton form interfering with his campaign.

  • Diebold Releases Election Results Prematurely (February 26, 2008): The Onion reports that Diebold has prematurely announced the winner of the upcoming election.

  • SNL Spoofs Democratic Debate (February 24, 2008): Saturday Night Live mocked Obama-mania and media bias towards Barack Obama in last's night opening.

  • Bush Dances in Liberia (February 22, 2008): President Bush has been touring Africa.

  • (February 11, 2008): The political comedy videos are out in full force as the campaigns progress.

  • Al Gore Endorses Gay Marriage (January 23, 2008): Al Gore is not in this year's political race for president but that doesn't mean he doesn't have opinions.

  • President Bush Sings Deck the Halls (December 20, 2007): In this clip from Jib Jab President Bush sings the holiday classic "Deck the Halls.

  • Shut Up Hugo Chavez (November 19, 2007): This video has become very popular on YouTube.

  • The Onion: Patriotic New Country Song (October 4, 2007): From the Onion: A group of country music's biggest stars have a message for terrorists: you can't hurt America by blowing up New York City.

  • Ahmadinejad and Samberg Find Love At Last (September 30, 2007): No gays in Iran? Apparently, it's just not so.

  • Sally Field Censored at Emmy Awards (September 17, 2007): Sally Field was while giving her acceptance speech at last night's Emmy Awards show.

  • Romantic Restroom Getaways (September 10, 2007): David Letterman's team put together this video that was inspired by the Senator Craig bathroom scandal.

  • What's a Liberal? (July 25, 2007): Hillary Clinton explains how the meaning of the word "liberal" has changed in an answer to a question asked during the CNN YouTube Debates.

  • Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl (July 16, 2007): Here's the latest in silly campaign songs: it's Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl.

  • The Case of the Disappearing Watch (June 12, 2007): There is a controversy over what happened to President Bush's watch while he was meeting with crowds in Albania.

  • Bird Poops on President Bush (May 28, 2007): Uh oh.

  • 1984 Political Ads (March 23, 2007): The following videos are political videos involving candidates running in the 2008 presidential election.

  • Valentine's Day With the Cheneys (February 12, 2007): The Cheney's celebrate Valentine's Day in this SNL skit.

  • Lord of the Rings Negative Campaign Ad (November 7, 2006): There is an election going on in Middle-earth as well and apparently Frodo Baggins is running a negative ad campaign against Aragorn.

  • Simpsons Iraq War Satire (November 6, 2006): Here is a short clip from The Simpson's "Treehouse of Horror XVII.


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