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Video Nacho: Product Videos

  • Internet Memes and Websites Become Toys in Planet Online Music Video (May 18, 2013): Popular Internet memes becomes toys in this interesting music video from Neosignal called Planet Online.

  • Consumer Reports Reveals Trash Bag Poke Test (June 7, 2012): Consumer Reports revealed how its tests trash bag strength.

  • Black Friday Happening Earlier This Year (November 12, 2011): John Matarese from WCPO talks about some of the leaked Black Friday ads and how many of the retailers are opening at midnight this year.

  • Dancing Sign Girl Loves Coffee and Waving Her Sign (May 8, 2011): Chelsea Scriven dances with a sign to advertise for Scooters coffee house in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • RC Southern Belles (May 31, 2009): Radio-controlled Southern Belles are loose, and the RC world will never be the same! Turbo Heather is a tornado of power and does heart-pounding stunts on the way to the Ball.

  • Amazing Paper Towels (May 29, 2009): Wow.

  • Appalachian State is Hot Hot Hot (July 20, 2007): Not sure this promotional video for Appalachian State University (ASU) is going to be a big hit with high school students.

  • Moller M200G Personal Flying Saucer (July 17, 2007): This is a video for the Moller International M200x flight, a personal flying saucer.

  • The Joys of Manscaping (July 12, 2007): Bathrobe Guy sings about the joys of manscaping in this video to promote the Phillips Bodygroom shaver and its product website, ShaveEverywhere.

  • Pleo the Cooing Dinosaur Toy Robot (June 23, 2007): Here is a video about Pleo an adorable new dinosaur toy that Wired says comes out this Fall.

  • Manta Ray Towable (January 23, 2007): This is quite the towable.

  • Gaylord is the Ideal Toy (January 1, 2007): Here is a funny old black and white tv commercial for a pull toy.

  • Picco Z RC Helicopter Test Flight (December 11, 2006): Gizmodo takes the Picco Z radio-controlled helicopter on a test drive in this video.

  • The Micro Mosquito (December 11, 2006): This video shows the Micro Mosquito in action.

  • The Excitement of Bookbinding (December 5, 2006): This video from If'n Books, a bookbindery in Rhode Island, shows just how exciting the bookbinding process can be.

  • Will it Blend? (November 13, 2006): A look at what happens when golf balls are put into a Blendtec blender.

  • Extreme Coke and Mentos Experiment (November 3, 2006): An ambitious Coke and Mentos expirement conducted by EepyBird.

  • TMX Elmo and Dog Viral Video (October 13, 2006): TMX Elmo is a big hit on YouTube.


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