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Video Nacho: Short Films

  • Little Robot Uses Meetup to Find Friends (May 19, 2011): Eric B.

  • Baby It's Been A Long Day (December 27, 2008): A girlfriend is out to destroy a guy's computer in this YouTube fiction from SpecBox that lets the viewer select plot choices.

  • The Black Hole (November 12, 2008): In this short film a sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him.

  • LonelyGirl15 Series Concludes (August 11, 2008): Here's the finale to the popular LonelyGirl15 online series.

  • School of Life (July 30, 2008): The boy is this video is taught a very important lesson.

  • Papiroflexia (February 20, 2008): Papiroflexia (Spanish for "Origami") is the animated tale of Fred, a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.

  • This Movie is About Cats Flying (November 6, 2007): A short film from StoryPirates about flying cats.

  • Super Sam (September 12, 2007): This video is the winner of Comedy Central's Test Pilots contest for a show called Super Sam.

  • Stuck on an Escalator (June 30, 2007): In this hilarious short video there are two people stuck on an escalator and they need help.

  • Real Life Simpsons Intro (February 9, 2007): Here is the real life introduction to Simpsons in case there is anyone left who hasn't seen it.

  • The Ballad Of The Noob (November 4, 2006): Here's an inspiring story about a World of Craft noob made by Stone Falcon Productions.

  • The Life and Death of a Pumpkin (October 29, 2006): This film shows Halloween from the perspective of a pumpkin.


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