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Video Nacho: Sports Videos

  • Freshman Makes Half-Court Shot and Wins Free Tuition (August 24, 2015): A freshman made a shot from half-court at Ball State University and won free tuition for a semester.

  • Surfer Fends Off Shark Attack During Surfing Competition (July 19, 2015): Australian surfer Mick Fanning managed to fend off a shark attack during a surfing competition in South Africa.

  • Record Set for Most Riders on a Surfboard in Huntington Beach (June 22, 2015): A Guinness World Record has been set for the most riders on a surfboard. This large surfboard had 61 people on it.

  • Jeanne Moos Talks Super Bowl's Dancing Sharks (February 7, 2015): Jeanne Moos talks about Katy Perry's dancing sharks that stole the Super Bowl.

  • Stuntman Damien Walters Runs Loop the Loop (February 22, 2014): Stuntman Damien Walters runs a Loop the Loop in this video from Pepsi Max.

  • Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-Un (January 18, 2014): Dennis Rodman sings happy birthday to Kim Jong-Un in this video.

  • Star Wars Parkour (August 2, 2013): Here is a video of a jedi performing Star Wars parkour in a sandy environment.

  • Andy Murray's Wimbledon Victory Recreated With Lego Bricks (July 11, 2013): Andy Murray's 2013 Wimbledon victory has been recreated using Lego bricks.

  • Skiers Perform Amazing 30 Person Backflip (April 16, 2013): Skiers in Quebec, Canada performed an amazing 30-person backflip.

  • Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith Make Trick Shots With Frisbees and Basketballs (October 13, 2011): Here is a another one of the those trick shot videos.

  • Red Hartebeest Knocks Over Mountain Biker (October 12, 2011): A Red Hartebeest knocked over a mountain biker Evan van der Spuy at a mountain bike race at Albert Falls Dam in South Africa.

  • Dodgeball Madness: Massive Dodgeball Game in Utah (September 24, 2011): This is a video of a massive dodgeball game in Utah held on September 16, 2011.

  • Mario Themed Parkour Gym (April 7, 2011): This promotional video is for the Tempest Freerunning Academy, California's first indoor training facility dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour.

  • Fastest Hurdles in Swim Fins (August 25, 2010): Veronica Torr (New Zealand) sets the female record for the fastest 100 meter hurdles wearing swim fins at 19.

  • University of Alabama Sets Dodgeball Guinness World Record (February 20, 2010): Education Journal reports that the Guinness World Record for most players in a single dodgeball game was unofficially smashed by 1,200 students, staff and faculty at the University of Alberta.

  • Raptor Eats Cheerleader (February 14, 2010): A hungry Raptor mascot ate a cheerleader.

  • Excessive Ping Pong Match Victory Celebration (March 21, 2009): Here's how to celebrate if you win a ping pong match.

  • Obama Girl Plays Wii Sports With Presidents (February 19, 2009): Obama girl, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and George Bush play Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

  • Mascots Failing in Various Tasks (December 21, 2008): Here's a video of some mascots failing miserably in various mascot tasks.

  • Parkour From the 1930s (December 12, 2008): Parkour is not a new sport and this video proves it.

  • Bruce Lee: Ping Pong Warrior (December 2, 2008): Bruce Lee is an unstoppable ping pong player in this Nokia ad.

  • The Onion: Is the Beijing Olympics a Trap? (August 9, 2008): "In The Know" panelists discuss whether our athletes will be able to escape the bamboo cages the Chinese government will try to imprison them in.

  • Girl Kicks Soccer Ball Through Giant Donut Hall (July 29, 2008): It looks like a really great kick but some say it is just good CGI.

  • Michael Jordan Shattering The Backboard (June 16, 2008): This video from 1986 shows a Michael Jordan dunk where he shatters the backboard and rains glass down on his opponents.

  • Hollywood Helps Kobe Jump Aston Martin (April 14, 2008): Here's Kobe Bryant's stunt where he jumps over an Aston Martin coming at him at over 50 miles per hour.

  • Jackie Chan: We Are Ready (October 24, 2007): Jackie Chan sings "We Are Ready" in this song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  • Balloon Bowl Skating (October 21, 2007): The video shows a skater skating through a skate bowl that has been filled with balloons.

  • Appalachian State Upsets Michigan (September 2, 2007): The Appalachian State Mountaineers upset the fifth ranked team in the country - the University of Michigan Wolverines -- 34 to 32 yesterday.

  • 5-Year-Old Golfer (August 13, 2007): CBS says golf experts think this 5-year-old boy named Kyle Lagrasso has the stuff to become the next Tiger Woods.

  • Two Terrible Dunks (July 18, 2007): These dunks are really awful especially the second video where the player knocks over the girl he was planning on jumping over.

  • 2006 World YoYo Champion (July 7, 2007): The 2006 world yoyo champion Hiroyuki Suzuki performs some amazing yoyo tricks.

  • Amazing Ping Pong Match (July 6, 2007): These ping pong players keep the ball going for a long time and from great distances in this amazing ping pong match.

  • Goalie Scores a Goal (March 17, 2007): A goalie scored an amazing goal against Watford.

  • Boom Goes the Dynamite (February 28, 2007): This aspiring sports anchor for Ball State television really struggles but he does manage to make a "Boom Goes the Dynamite" remark.

  • K-Fed's Super Bowl Commercial (February 4, 2007): K-Fed has apologized for this ad that was supposed to be a Super Bowl commercial.

  • Dan Marino on Challenge Facing Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLI (February 3, 2007): NFL legend and NFL Today Dan Marino dropped by SportsLine's Cadillac Countdown To Super Bowl in Miami to talk with Spencer Tillman and the gang.

  • Bill Murray Tries to Get Super Bowl Tickets (February 2, 2007): Bill Murray is trying to score a couple tickets for the Super Bowl on David Letterman.

  • Mascot Fights (January 31, 2007): It's time for mascot fights.

  • USC Cheerleader Cheers for Wrong Team Again (December 10, 2006): In the video below you will see a USC cheerleader cheering for the wrong team.

  • Amazing Ronaldinho Goal (November 27, 2006): Very nice overhead bicycle kick goal by Brazil's Ronaldinho.

  • Archer Lilia Stepanova Impresses the Hoff (October 23, 2006): In this video incredibly flexible archer Lilia Stepanova impresses judge David Hasselhoff with her sweet marksmanship skills.


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