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Video Nacho: Sports Videos

  • Freshman Makes Half-Court Shot and Wins Free Tuition (August 24, 2015): A freshman made a shot from half-court at Ball State University and won free tuition for a semester.

  • Surfer Fends Off Shark Attack During Surfing Competition (July 19, 2015): Australian surfer Mick Fanning managed to fend off a shark attack during a surfing competition in South Africa.

  • Record Set for Most Riders on a Surfboard in Huntington Beach (June 22, 2015): A Guinness World Record has been set for the most riders on a surfboard. This large surfboard had 61 people on it.

  • Jeanne Moos Talks Super Bowl's Dancing Sharks (February 7, 2015): Jeanne Moos talks about Katy Perry's dancing sharks that stole the Super Bowl.

  • Stuntman Damien Walters Runs Loop the Loop (February 22, 2014): Stuntman Damien Walters runs a Loop the Loop in this video from Pepsi Max.

  • Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-Un (January 18, 2014): Dennis Rodman sings happy birthday to Kim Jong-Un in this video.

  • Star Wars Parkour (August 2, 2013): Here is a video of a jedi performing Star Wars parkour in a sandy environment.

  • Andy Murray's Wimbledon Victory Recreated With Lego Bricks (July 11, 2013): Andy Murray's 2013 Wimbledon victory has been recreated using Lego bricks.

  • Skiers Perform Amazing 30 Person Backflip (April 16, 2013):

  • Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith Make Trick Shots With Frisbees and Basketballs (October 13, 2011):

  • Red Hartebeest Knocks Over Mountain Biker (October 12, 2011):

  • Dodgeball Madness: Massive Dodgeball Game in Utah (September 24, 2011):

  • Japanese Soccer Team Takes on 100 Kids (June 5, 2011):

  • Mario Themed Parkour Gym (April 7, 2011):

  • Fastest Hurdles in Swim Fins (August 25, 2010):


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