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Video Nacho: Talk Show Video Clips

  • Conan Works For UPS (July 31, 2008): Conan O'Brien goes to work for UPS for a day in this video clip.

  • Rachael Ray Measures Hulk Hogan's Biceps (January 17, 2008): Rachael Ray puts Hulk Hogan's biceps to the tape measure test on the Rachael Ray show.

  • Tom Hanks on David Letterman (January 11, 2008): Tom Hanks shows Dave Letterman what happened when he mistakenly thought the writer's strike was over.

  • Oscar the Grouch Visits Craig Ferguson (September 25, 2007): Oscar the Grouch visits Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show.

  • Bruce Willis Fireworks on David Letterman (July 4, 2007): Die Hard star Bruce Willis shares his own 4th of July fireworks with David Letterman.

  • Fox Commentator Attacks New American Idol, Jordin Sparks (May 27, 2007): MeMe Roth spews vile and ignorant slurs about new American Idol, Jordin Sparks in this appalling video on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox.

  • Rose O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck Nuclear Smackdown (May 24, 2007): In case you missed the nuclear smackdown on The View between Rose O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  • Conan O'Brien Visits Lucasfilm (May 2, 2007): Conan visits the San Francisco-based headquarters of Lucasfilm in this two-part series of video clips from NBC.

  • David Letterman Discusses Regis' Heart Surgery (March 19, 2007): David Letterman discusses Regis Philbin's upcoming heart bypass surgery.

  • Evangeline Lilly in a Blanket on Letterman (March 5, 2007): Lost star Evangeline Lilly gets cold on Late Night with David Letterman so they bring her a blanket.

  • Jim Carrey's Hair Song (February 23, 2007): Jim Carrey burst into song the other night on Conan.

  • Craig Ferguson: No Britney Spears Jokes (February 23, 2007): Craig Ferguson speaks on his past problems as an alcoholic and why he will not ridicule Britney Spears and her recent behavior.

  • Hannah Storm Interviews Sienna Miller (February 17, 2007): Hannah Storm interviews actress Sienna Miller about her movie Factory Girl where she plays '60s "It Girl" and Andy Warhol muse Eddie Sedgwick.

  • Hugh Grant on Romantic Comedies (February 14, 2007): Hugh Grant wasn't going to make anymore romantic comedies but he decided Music and Lyrics was funny enough to make him break his vow.

  • Tyra Talks About Recent Bathing Suit Photos (February 6, 2007): In this video clip from the Tyra Banks Show, Tyra addresses the unflattering bathing suit photos recently plastered across every tabloid and gossip website, claiming she gained 40 lbs.

  • Bill Gates on the Daily Show (January 30, 2007): Bill Gates made an appearance on The Daily Show With John Stewart to promote the new Windows Vista operating system from Microsoft.

  • How to Open a Jar (January 27, 2007): Here is clip from the Rachael Ray show where Rachael Ray teaches you how to open a jar.

  • Rachael Ray and the Giant Bubbles (January 16, 2007): Chad Fell, the world record holder for the largest unassisted bubble blown from chewing gum, gives Rachael Ray and her audience a lesson in blowing giant bubbles.

  • David Letterman Interview New York Subway Hero (January 7, 2007): David Letterman interviews New York subway hero Wesley Autrey.

  • Trump Talks to Letterman About Rosie (January 6, 2007): Donald Trump just can't seem to say anything nice about Rosie.

  • Regifted Sweater on Conan (December 29, 2006): An ugly sweater is regifted on Conan.

  • Rosie Makes Fun of Donald Trump (December 22, 2006): Rosie O'Donnell makes fun of Donald Trump in the ongoing Rose-Trump fued.

  • Ellen Dances With Giant Candy Cane (December 13, 2006): Ellen is feeling the holiday spirit.

  • Richard Simmons' Exploding Steamer (December 3, 2006): Richard Simmons tries to tell Dave Letterman about his new steamer.

  • Danny Devito Visits the View (November 29, 2006): Here is Danny Devito a little out of it on The View.

  • Emma Thompson and the Stripper Pole (November 9, 2006): Actress Emma Thompson plays Truth or Dare on Ellen and winds up having to dance around a stripper pole with a feather boa.

  • Jennifer Aniston on Oprah (October 17, 2006): Jennifer Aniston appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday to discuss her relationship with Vince Vaughn (they're still together), her alleged boob job and her darling new puppy.


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