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Video Nacho: Technology Videos

  • Space Force Theme Song (March 23, 2019): A theme song for the Space Force starring Trump has been created by Schmoyoho. It rocks.

  • World Record for Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously Set in China (August 11, 2016): The world record for the most robots dancing simultaneously has been set in China.

  • Yahoo Sets Guinness World Record for World's Largest Simultaneous Yodel (March 15, 2015): Yahoo has set the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Simultaneous Yodel.

  • Realistic Looking Polar Bear Puppet Roams London (February 6, 2015): This realisticpolar bear puppet roamed London. It was created to promote a new TV series.

  • Google's 2014 Year in Search Video (January 2, 2015): Google has released its Year in Search video for 2014

  • Red-Tailed Hawk Attacks Quadcopter (October 12, 2014): A red-tailed hawk attacked a quadcopter and caused it to crash to the ground. The hawk was not injured.

  • Victoria Belmont Rides Giant Solar Powered Spider at CES (January 10, 2013): A giant solar powered spider was on display at the 2013 CES.

  • Video: The Fall of Pinterest (June 13, 2012): Pinterest and Etsy stand against Internet memes in this funny video.

  • YouTube's 7th Birthday Video (May 24, 2012): YouTube created this video to celebrate its seventh birthday.

  • Video: How to Survive a Robot Uprising (May 14, 2012): Daniel H.

  • The Day The LOLCats Died (January 18, 2012): The I Can Has Cheezburger network was part of the group of sites protesting the terrible Internet censorship bills, SOPA and PIPA.

  • Jonathan Mann's Duet With Siri (October 19, 2011): Jonathan Mann writes a new song each day.

  • Robot Mouth Sings Trolololol Song (April 24, 2010): Video footage of a creepy robot mouth has been modified so that it sings the trololololol song.

  • The iPad: Will it iBlend? (April 11, 2010): Blendtec turns the the iPad into the smoke monster from Lost.

  • Pancake Production to a Techno Beat (October 1, 2009): It doesn't get much better than industrial robotic pancake production with a techno soundtrack but this video also has a cool British voice explaining the process.

  • Internet People 2 (August 31, 2009): How many Internet celebrities do you know? This video was created as a sequel to Dan Meth's Internet People.

  • Profile Pic Song (August 3, 2009): Some people do change their profile pic a lot.

  • The Nano Song (February 24, 2009): Here's a fun song that explains nanotechnology.

  • Hard 'N Phirm CES Music Video (January 9, 2009): Chris Hardwick and G4TV offer a country music spin on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

  • Master of the Internet (December 15, 2008): Here's a hilarious spoof of Internet commercials from the 90s.

  • Android Rap Song (October 21, 2008): The Android G1 Phone songs are already starting.

  • Apple Targets Microsoft's Ad Spending (October 20, 2008): Apple comes back against Microsoft's recent Vista advertising campaign with this clever ad that says Microsoft is investing all its money in advertising instead of "fixing" Vista.

  • Digital Conversion PSA (October 18, 2008): Here's a PSA about the upcoming tv conversion from analog to digital.

  • The Twitter Song (September 30, 2008): "You're No One If You're Not On Twitter" Why aren't you on Twitter yet? And, if you are on Twitter aren't you following Video Nacho's Twitter.

  • Professor Wikipedia (September 24, 2008): Lectures from Professor Wikipedia are very confusing.

  • Obama Ad Notes McCain Can't Use a Computer (September 13, 2008): This political ad approved by Barack Obama attacks John McCain for his inability to use a computer.

  • Large Hadron Rap (September 11, 2008): There is concern that CERN's Large Hadron Collider could create a small man-made black hole that eats the Earth.

  • Beijing's Olympic Pool: The Water Cube (August 18, 2008): Meet Beijing's amazing olympic pool: the Water Cube.

  • BMW GINA Light Visionary Model (June 17, 2008): Chris Bangle explains the innovation behind the amazing looking BMW GINA Light Visionary Model.

  • Popping Popcorn With Cellphones (June 13, 2008): Popcorn placed near cellphones heats up enough to pop in this video which has raised concerns about the devices we place so close to our brains.

  • Latte Art Printing Machine (June 11, 2008): The video shows a cool latte art printing machine.

  • Facebook In Reality (May 15, 2008): This video depicts what it would be like if Facebook was real life.

  • Microsoft Vista Sales Song (April 16, 2008): Here's a ridiculous music video from Microsoft.

  • The SEO Rapper (April 5, 2008): We love the SEO rapper.

  • YouTube Goes High-Definition (March 18, 2008): Mr.

  • Mememolly: The Internet (March 13, 2008): Vlogger Mememolly explains the love and hate relationship young people have with the Internet.

  • iWash Girl Cleans Your iPhone (March 12, 2008): This iWash girl named Stevie doesn't really clean your iPhone but how did she get in there?.

  • iBand (February 21, 2008): A video from a iBand - a group calling themselves the first iPhone band.

  • Puppy Vs. Robot! Epic Battle For Territorial Domination (February 12, 2008): The video contains the battle between a brave puppy and a Roboquad robot set in "autonomous" mode.

  • Google Maps Inside Apartment View (February 1, 2008): What would happen if Google ignored privacy activists and tried to extend Google Maps Street Level views into people's homes? This video attempts to answer that question.

  • Holographic Monster in Tokyo (January 24, 2008): Keith Olbermann discusses a cool looking holographic monster in Tokyo used to promote The Water Horse movie.

  • Wall Street Journal's Andy Jordan Tasered at CES (January 14, 2008): Wall Street Journal's Andy Jordan gets shocked by a Taser gun for half a second at the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

  • Here Comes Another Bubble (January 12, 2008): Here is a funny song about the latest Internet bubble.

  • Bill Gates: Last Day at Microsoft (January 7, 2008): This video shows Bill Gates' last full day at Microsoft.

  • Gotta Digg (January 2, 2008): Gotta Digg is a song that Diggers will appreciate.

  • How To Make a USB Furby (December 12, 2007): This video teaches you how to make a USB Furby.

  • Will It Blend? - Guitar Hero III (November 25, 2007): Blendtec continues trying to blend everything they can think of in their videos.

  • Instant Messenger Love Story (September 13, 2007): Nick Thune performed this acoustic rendition of his love story "Instant Messenger" live on The Tonight Show.

  • Internet People (September 8, 2007): This video is an animated tribute to the internet people of the world.

  • iPhone Hacking Teen Posts Video (August 27, 2007): New Jersey's iPhone hacking teen George Hotz has achieved global stardom.

  • Ask a Ninja on Net Neutrality (July 26, 2007): The Ask a Ninja videoblogger explains the concept of net neutrality.

  • Moller M200G Personal Flying Saucer (July 17, 2007): This is a video for the Moller International M200x flight, a personal flying saucer.

  • Pleo the Cooing Dinosaur Toy Robot (June 23, 2007): Here is a video about Pleo an adorable new dinosaur toy that Wired says comes out this Fall.

  • Microsoft Surface Parody (June 21, 2007): This video is a parody by SarcasticGamer.

  • Song About Google Buying YouTube (June 18, 2007): This kid's song about Google buying YouTube several months ago contained concerns that Google would ruin the video sharing website.

  • PC Poses as Steve Jobs (June 14, 2007): PC pretends to be Steve Jobs in this introduction video to Apple's WWDC 2007.

  • Baby Robot Created in Japan (June 4, 2007): Japanese scientists have created a baby robot that can walk, baby talk and feel.

  • Supermarket 2.0 (June 1, 2007): Supermarket 2.

  • BigDog: Large Quadruped Robot (May 31, 2007): The video shows what BigDog, an advanced quadruped robot, can do.

  • Microsoft's Surface Computing (May 30, 2007): Amazing video of new surface computing technology coming from Microsoft.


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