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Video Nacho: Video Game Videos

  • Hamster Plays Real Life Super Mario Bros. (September 1, 2016): A hamster plays around in a Super Mario set made just for him.

  • 8-bit Trip: Lego Tribute to Arcade Games (August 24, 2009): Here is an awesome Lego tribute to classic video games.

  • Video Game Girl (July 17, 2009): Here's a ballad about a girl at a video game store by Party Gripp.

  • Pac-Man in the Grocery Store (April 17, 2009): Pac-Man is on the run in this video chased by ghosts in a grocery store.

  • Batman Gets Pwned (February 7, 2009): Batman's not that great at video games.

  • Spore Video Game Ad (September 19, 2008): Here's the ad for the hot video game Spore.

  • Club Penguin: Girlfriend Avril Lavigne (September 9, 2008): Penguins from the Club Penguin virtual world do Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend.

  • Death Orb Commercial from Qore (July 5, 2008): Here's a funny spoof of video game ads.

  • Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Wii Fit (June 14, 2008): This video shows a girl using Wii Fit's hula hoop feature.

  • Scrabulous Music Video (March 8, 2008): You may have heard of the popular online Scrabble game called Scrabulous.

  • Super Lego Mario (January 29, 2008): The popular Mario game done with Legos.

  • Original Human Tetris Performance (January 4, 2008): This video shows Tetris being played by real human-beings sitting in an auditorium.

  • Verne Troyer is a Mage (December 19, 2007): Verne Troyer is a mage in the World of Warcraft.

  • ROFLMAO! (December 8, 2007): Some hard-core gamers might understand this bizarre tune but most people won't.

  • Will It Blend? - Guitar Hero III (November 25, 2007): Blendtec continues trying to blend everything they can think of in their videos.

  • Team Tiger Awesome - Halo Nights (September 27, 2007): The Team Tiger Awesome boy band rocks out with their latest hit "Halo Nights.

  • Super Fast Tetris Play (September 11, 2007): The guy is ridiculously fast at Tetris.

  • Peeps Dressed as Giant Tetris Bricks Fight (August 28, 2007): Two people dressed as giant Tetris bricks fight in this video filmed at VIANCO, an anime convention held in Tijuana.

  • Wii Fit Parody (July 23, 2007): We love the idea of Wii Fit, a new fitness system coming for the Wii, but you have to admit this parody of it from Sarcastic Gamer is pretty funny.

  • Nicole Kidman Nintendo DS Commercial (June 27, 2007): Here is an advertisement for the Nintendo DS starring Nichole Kidman.

  • Mario Video Game With Legos (April 15, 2007): This is a Mario stop motion video made out of legos.

  • The ThinkGeek WiiHelm (April 1, 2007): The WiiHelm is a new device from ThinkGeek that lets you move your head around instead of waving your hands around like you do with the Wiimote.

  • Tetris Personified (January 26, 2007): This video shows a game of human Tetris taking place in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  • Live Action Pac-Man (January 4, 2007): Here is a funny live action version of Pac-Man from Japan.

  • Tetris on the Side of a Building (December 14, 2006): A game of Tetris being played on the side of a building in Rhode Island.

  • The Evolution of Video Games (November 28, 2006): This video offers a look at how video games have evolved over the years in several genres including sports, first person shooters and war games.

  • Real Life Tetris (November 14, 2006): A Tetris block has trouble fitting in at the mall.

  • The Ballad Of The Noob (November 4, 2006): Here's an inspiring story about a World of Craft noob made by Stone Falcon Productions.


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