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Video Nacho: Weather Videos

  • San Juan Mayor Gives Donald Trump a Very Low Score (October 20, 2017): The mayor of San Juan does not think Donald Trump's response to the hurricane has been adequate.

  • Schmoyoho Creates Thundersnow Song Featuring Jim Cantore (February 28, 2015): Schmoyoho created a Thundersnow song. Jim Cantore is the unintentional singer.

  • Minnesota Snow Pile Still Hanging Around in July (July 9, 2014): This Minnesota snow pile in still here in July. It is melting away.

  • Jim Cantore Hears Thundersnow During Historic October Thunderstorm (October 29, 2011):

  • Wave From Tropical Storm Nanmadol Hits Reporter (August 31, 2011):

  • Reporter Gives Hurricane Irene Update Covered in Foam (August 28, 2011):

  • Wellington, New Zealand Residents Enjoy Rare Snowfall (August 17, 2011):

  • Security Cameras Capture Joplin Tornado (June 1, 2011):

  • Pelican Attacks Weatherman (February 17, 2010):

  • The Cursing Weatherman (February 9, 2009):

  • Weatherman Fan (August 27, 2008):

  • Reporter In Front of His Own Burning Home (October 23, 2007):

  • Amazing Tornado Video (May 5, 2007):

  • Lightning Strike Captured on Video (March 30, 2007):

  • Very Large Hail (March 28, 2007):

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