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Brookfield Zoo Animals Enjoy Pumpkins

Animals at the Brookfield Zoo were given pumpkins and all creatures seem to love them.

Raqqa Devastation Apparent in Drone Video

A drone video has been released that shows the absolute devastation in Raqqa from the battle to remove ISIS

Brewery Develops Edible Six Pack Rings

A brewery has developed edible six pack rings that animals can eat.

Farmer Rescues Baby Alpaca From Hole

A farmer rescued a baby alpaca from a hole in the ground. The mother waited nearby for the baby to be rescued.

Ancient 16th Century Church Emerges from Mexican Reservoir

This cool looking church from the 16th century emerged from a Mexican reservoir as the water level fell. It was built by monks

Deer Jumps Through Hotel Window and Runs Around

A deer jumped through a hotel window and started running around a hotel in Nebraska.

Munchkin The Teddy Bear as an Ewok

Munchkin The Teddy Bear makes a perfect Ewok. Watch him run with a little spear in this video.

Ride Fish at the SeaGlass Carousel in New York City

The Battery Conservancy has opened its amazing looking SeaGlass Carousel where people can ride fish.

Teddy Bear Acts as Surrogate Mother for Sloth at London Zoo

This cute baby sloth is using a teddy bear as a surrogate mother.

Blue Angles Close Flyby Sends Beach Umbrellas Soaring

Beach umbrellas went up into the air after a Blue Angels plane flew near the beach.

Guinea Pig Bridge Song by Parry Gripp

Here is a song about the Guinea Pig Bridge at the Nagasaki Bio Park

Ball Pit Door Prank at Chicago Union Station

A mysterious door set up at Chicago Union Station releases ball pit balls when it is opened by a curious person.

Realistic Looking Polar Bear Puppet Roams London

This realisticpolar bear puppet roamed London. It was created to promote a new TV series.

Record Set for Most Dominoes Toppled in a Circle Bomb

A Guinness world record has been set for the most dominoes toppled in a circle bomb.

Sea Otters Eat Frozen Christmas Treats at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sea otters eat colorful frozen Christmas treats at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Lost Sheep Wearing Christmas Sweater Reunited With Owner

A lost sheep found wearing a festive Christmas sweater has been reunited with his owner.

Farmer Plays Jingle Bells for Cows

A farmer plays Jingle Bells on a trombone for his cows.

Christmas Lights World Record Set in Canberra, Australia

A Guinness World Records record for the largest image made with LED lights has been set in Canberra, Australia

Elephant Parents Run to Rescue Fallen Baby

Watch as elephant parents run to rescue the little elephant baby that has fallen on his back.

Dog Loves Friskies Cat Fishing iPad Game

Violet, an Italian greyhound, excels at playing CatFishing 2 on the iPad.

Minnesota Snow Pile Still Hanging Around in July

This Minnesota snow pile in still here in July. It is melting away.

Giraffe Kicks a GoPro Camera

A giraffe kicks a GoPro camera in this video by Wildlife photographer Chris Barnard.

Marutaro the Hedgehog Goes Bowling

Marutaro the Hedgehog goes bowling in this Vine clip.

Scary Snowman Scares Boston Residents

This scary snowman scared unsuspecting Boston residents last November.

Grumpy Cat Meets Grumpy the Dwarf at Disneyland

Grumpy cat met Grumpy the Dwarf at Disneyland. She wasn't sure of that dwarf at first.

Improv Everywhere Recreates Jurassic Park in Brooklyn

Improv Everywhere recreated Jurassic Park in Brooklyn's Prospect Park as part of its Movies in Real Life series.

Dancing Baby Ostriches

These baby ostriches love to danece and spin around in a circle. It is the latest dance craze going around in the ostrich community.

Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog Star in Dueling Banjos

Steve Martin and Kermit the frog star in Dueling Banjos from Funny or Die. Who will win?

Video of a Waffle Falling Over

Here is a video of a waffle falling over

Star Wars Parkour

Here is a video of a jedi performing Star Wars parkour in a sandy environment.
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